The founders: a complementary leadership


Frederic Viala’s determination, combined with his entrepreneurial experience and technological skills, provides a strong impulse to the Entofood project.

In addition, Franck Ducharne brings his expertise in invertebrates’ zootechny, project development and a large knowledge in aquaculture industry.

The combination of their strengths creates an ideal synergy for the success of Entofood.

Management team

Frederic Viala




Master’s degree in Engineering & Landscape Architecture H.E.P.I.A.  (Geneva - Switzerland)

Bachelor in Management I.A.E. (Lyon - France)


Professional achievements

During his career, Frederic has created several companies and has sharpened his leadership skills and proficiency in various fields: finance, computer science, logistics, technology and engineering. He created, developed, and managed companies in landscape architecture, design, property development, and personal computer training. He developed new products in textile industry. He is in charge with Entofood’s long term strategy and supervises engineering process.

Franck Ducharne

Chief Executive Officer



Master’s degree IEMVT Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine in Tropical Countries  (Maison-Alfort – France). Specialization in Sericulture (silk worm) and Aquaculture

Bachelor in biology (Marseille - France)


Professional achievements

During 16 years, Franck has worked in shrimp production in various countries (Guatemala, Madagascar and SE Asia Pacific) leading projects development, R&D and management, as well as expertise. Since 2010, he is working on Entofood R&D project of large-scale insect farming (Hermetia illucens species). He is leading the development and execution of Entofood’s strategy.

Emilie Devic

R&D and Biology Director



Ph.D. in Aquaculture (University of Stirling - UK)

Agronomy Engineer degree (MSc.) (Rennes - France)


Professional achievements

Emilie is among the very first scientists specialized in Hermetia illucens  and its application in aquafeeds. Through different programs, Bioconversion project (Institute for Research and Development), PROTeINSECT (extensive research program under EU initiative), in various countries, she has fine-tuned her experience and knowledge in Black Soldier Fly farming, breeding and its application in aquaculture (Her thesis: Assessing insect-based products as feed ingredients for aquaculture). She has joined Entofood to coordinate the Biology and R&D Department.

Anne Deguerry

Ethical & Public Relation Director



Postgraduate diploma in European Law (Lyon - France)

Master’s degree in Commercial Law (Lyon - France)

Master’s degree in Management I.A.E. (Lyon - France)


Professional achievements

Anne has a strong experience as entrepreneur in various field of activity in marketing, art, and design development along with social and environmental impact volunteering.

In 2001, she also created and managed her own law firm in Madagascar.

She joined Entofood in 2014 to be in charge of Ethic, Marketing and Communication of the company

She has been elected as General Secretary of ASEAN FOOD & FEED INSECTS ASSOCIATION (AFFIA) in November 2016.

Entofood team

Biology team


Entofood has trained a group of young biologists, graduated from Malaysian Universities (UPM and UiTM). They joined the project at the onset of the pilot farm. They form the core team for the development of breeding program and biomass production at industrial scale to supervise production operations and train the staff.

Advisory team


In order to strengthen its development and structure, Entofood has gathered experts with a solid and in-depth background in waste management & environmental impact engineering, in nutrition engineering, in finance, marketing, communication, accounting & auditing, law and human resources.